Getting to know you (me)

I’m participating in Lori’s “Getting to know you” distributed interview project, so:


  1. What’s something people would never guess about you?
  2. I guess the fact that I disclaim my past as a Drum Major in my About section rules that one out.

    I think what people never DO guess about me is that I sang in glee club with my wife during college. They have a vague understanding that I’m this goofy, outgoing, attention-seeker but added a layer of harmonizing in a group setting completes the picture for most folks.

    I’m at peace with my inner band/chorus nerd, so it’s cool.

  3. When do you know it’s love?
  4. I think you absolutely know at first sight, but sometimes your head gets in the way.

    Our hearts and our ability to love/be compassionate is almost infinite; it’s what sets us apart from wild beasts.

    I knew Jenn (my wife) was something special the first time I saw her and I think the same thing holds true for Raelyn (my daughter) and Stinkbottom McGee (the unborn son).

    I honestly believe this. Your heart knows it’s love LONG before your head can process all that emotion.

    So I guess I’m just a sappy, sentimental old fool.

    Maybe you never know it’s love, but if you feel it’s love that’s what it’s all about.

  5. What talent do you wish you had (and why)?
  6. Previously I would have said juggling, but I conquered that skill.

    Now I’m just trying to make myself a better photographer and novelist/author.

    I’m always trying to improve my musicality, so I’d probably learn my guitar and piano scales a bit more as well.

    Basically, I’d try to amplify my artistic gifts, such as they are.

  7. Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?
  8. Fly to Hawaii with the family, rent the most extravagant, secluded beach house with a lagoon and enjoy my wife and kids.

    I’d probably also throw a killer party – one that truly annoyed the hell out of my neighbors (though they’d be invited) – to celebrate life.

    If I knew in advance I’d want to go out someplace beautiful with people I love having fun.

  9. Last thing you do before going to bed?
  10. Put the dog to bed, turn the TV down and tell Jenn that I love her.

    Best marital/relationship advice ever: Never go to bed angry.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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