I’ve had a post percolating at my fingertips for most of the weekend (including Friday) but I haven’t had time and didn’t make time to post until now.

I’m Grateful.
I’m Thankful.
I’m Happy.

Fairly open-ended and vague, I know, but this isn’t a LOST recap, this is me being personal and honest with myself (and you).

Having moved into our new home almost 3 weeks ago and with roughly 6 weeks to go before the birth of “Stinkbottom McGee” I’m in the most incredible place a guy can be. I’m truly, utterly happy.

We have this amazing new house and neighborhood that, despite all the unpacked boxes and clutter, really feels like a home; our home.

Raelyn is doing wonderfully. She accepted her new room and the new house instantaneously and is even doing great with Pre-K, which started last week for “Summer Camp”. I only hope she’s as receptive when her younger brother arrives. *Fingers Crossed*

Not to get too melancholy, but if I’ve had one big failing as a Father AND a blogger, it’s about not being family-focused ENOUGH on this blog. For a while I definitely eschewed daddy blogging because this space was mine and mine alone and I didn’t want personal details about Raelyn or Jenn dominating something escapist and individual.

But now I can see that I’m not escaping them here and I’m no less of an individual without them; I’m more of person because of them (not despite them).

I really wish I had the rapier wit and searing prose of Dooce, but I’ll settle for the kind of love and happiness she gets from her family and her blogging. What I really need to DO – and stop threatening – is to share my Flickr more readily here and bring all the aspects of myself to bear on this space instead of micro-managing it into something I can’t control anyhow.

Blog, Flickr,, Twitter – all of them need to be here, since they’re all me and this blog is me and well, now I’m well past the point of rambling.

In the end, I’ve missed out on opportunities for better parenting, better blogging and better being because I’m stodgy. No more.

I’m Grateful.
I’m Thankful.
I’m Happy.

Baby Number 2 just means I get another chance to make things right.

I love this blog, I love my wife, I love my Raelyn, I love my “Stinkbottom McGee”, I love my house.

I love it all. It’ll all be here soon.

3 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself… for one thing, you used the word “rapier!” What an excellent word! I hadn’t heard that one in a long time. Good on you.

  2. Ah, glad you are so happy! And welcome to the low blogging genre on the totem pole. What’s worse than a blogger blogging about their bowel movement that morning? Yep, blogging about their kids’ bowel movement.

    Seriously, I really liked your post about Raelyn and the songs in the car. I really think some of my favorite posts that i’ve written have been inspired by things that the kids reminded me of about my own childhood.

    I am rambling. Congratulations on de-compartmentalizing. makes like easier.

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