I may be a poseur or a follower or maybe even a wannabe (I think the trendsetter ship sailed a long time ago, so I’ll settle for “early adopter”), but I want the iPhone and I want it BADLY!

First, there were the ads, which are amazing. When was the last time a phone – any phone – showed off the interface more than the styling?

If they had, I wouldn’t have purchased my RAZR. Also, how many Palm or Windows PDA/Phone/Blackberry phones advertise by showing off the interface?

Next I saw Mac Rumors’ sneaky iPhone Details from AT&T’s Sales Training Workbook. Killer!

Now, when I go into a store to buy one, I’ll be armed with as much information as the drones selling it to me. It’s always good to be prepared.

Lastly, on the heels of all the WWDC coverage, Apple sends me an email – one which I requested, opting in to their iPhone crave list – that has totally whet my appetite.

It’s HTML and it combines the look of the ads with the knowledge of that Sales Training Workbook to make me totally nuts.

I want an iPhone.
I want it to be June 29.
I want. I want. I want.

Rant over.

UPDATE: I’m not the only blogger likewise smitten. (Duh.)

UPDATE II: It looks like AT&T and Google Earth have a tool to help iPhone admirers and potential new owners find a store to stalk come June 29.

One thought on “iPhone

  1. Apple was going to come out with a system that allowed you to link all of their products together in one system. It was called the iRack but it got overloaded and never worked the way they wanted and then there were all sorts of internal problems that they tried to solve by throwing lots of money at it but it never worked the way they wanted.

    I’ve heard that they abandoned the iRack to develop a similarly useless type of footware, the iRan.

    (not my joke but I couldn’t help m’self)

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