Free Chicken Business

Ever have a mental lapse?
A brain fart?
A blonde moment?

Driving home tonight – past all the “Build The Fence!”-Immigration protesters – we decided to stop for Chick-Fil-A.

Jenn reminded me of some coupons we’d gotten in the mail and in the process of enumerating their redemptive values I substituted the phrase “Free Chicken Business” for “Free Chicken Biscuit”.

An awkward moment of silence ensued followed by what I can only describe as a collective guffaw from the entire car.

Jenn was in tears, I couldn’t catch my breath and Raelyn was sympathy laughing.

Now all I can do is replay that quote in my head in some combination of Fred Sanford’s voice and Bubs from Homestar Runner.

Free Chicken Business: the gift that keeps on giving to the Miller family tonight.

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