If you’re like me (and like most other people, I would imagine) then you’ve only thought about January 2009 (or Fall 2008) as that time when you’ll either lose your best pal or favorite whipping boy (depending on your inclinations) and we can all move on.

Since both Presidential fields are currently chock full of nuts, it’s hard to separate the contenders from the pretenders and the truthful from the pandering.

So, in lieu of actually having to learn about all those folks and their views, here’s an appealing eye chart, USA Today-style: 2Decide.com Election ’08 Chart of Where the Candidates Stand.

If interactivity is more your bag (and, heck, you’re on the internets already, so you might as well click) here’s a nifty Pick Your Candidate tool that matches your responses to those of the candidates.

And if you’re still pining for Dubya – whether you love him or love to hate him – here’s one issue where he and I agree: Zombie defense.

Enjoy the next 16 months!

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