Broadband replaces television and print

Do I have your attention? Good.

So the headline was completely hyperbolic and it should have been expanded to say, “… in certain instances where those two mediums (media?) underserve me or just don’t cut the mustard” but that’s one Hell of a kludgy headline, I think we can all agree.

Instead, I’ve lured you here with promises of old media comeuppance and new media domination when, in fact, I just have some brief anecdotal thoughts on that subject and not, as advertised, a dissertation.

Fact #1: I don’t watch comedy on television.

That first fact is actually a lie. I’m a pretty big fan of Family Guy, Frisky Dingo, Scrubs and The Office, but I can’t recall the last time I cleared my schedule just to laugh. I certainly try and watch SNL weekly while it’s in-season, but that’s mostly for Weekend Update. And if Colbert or The Daily Show is any good, I know I’ll catch the clip I NEED to see the next day.

So no appointment viewing for me and very little TiVo/timeshifted viewing. Most of my comedy comes from the web. Old faves like Tiki Bar TV and Homestar Runner are still in play, but right now I’m enamored with a show called The Guild which talks a quirky look at the World of Warcraft and MMO players and their lifestyles. Awkward and oh so funny.

The Guild – Episode 1: Wake-Up Call
The Guild – Episode 2: Zaboo’d
The Guild – Episode 3: The Macro Problem

Will The Guild ever rise to the level of comedy as Seinfeld does. Not likely, but that’s not the point. Since I’m only a casual TV comedy viewer and an active internet comedy viewer, The Guild has my attention and my links and my pass along. Enjoy it.

Second, for all my talk and linking and blogging about reading comic books, I actually purchase quite a few more titles than I ever actually crack open to read. Sad but true.

But Dark Horse Comics has resurrected Dark Horse Presents on MySpace as a digital thing. I personally love Joss Whedon’s Sugarshock, but it took me a while to figure out how it’s archived.

So while I might not always have time to read at home, what with children and television and spouse and whatnot, I always have my PC at work and this is a nice distraction.


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