Video Frustrations: Toblerone

I’ve spent the better part of my works hours this afternoon looking for a particular piece of video to add to a blog post. Not a full episode or an entire film, just a little snippet – a clip – to bolster my point.

Unfortunately it either doesn’t exist or I’m not good at finding it. Either way, you’re stuck with text today.

So I reading BoingBoing this morning, I had grand designs of incorporating two blog posts about the hidden bear in the Toblerone logo [one] [two] with a video of a Friends episode in which Joey eats a massive Toblerone and then, later, asks another character if she’ll buy him an additional Toblerone. Hilarious, timely and, I thought, readily available on YouTube or as a clip on Not so.

Honestly, the state of video search is so poor, seemingly worse when you have a really specific request like I do. It would be easier if I were looking for a keynote speech or a presentation, but I only want the smaller section, the blockquote, the executive summary. the highlight reel.

And that’s where I think search and video search have to improve. We like our little chunks on the internet, our online snacks before our TV meals. If I have to rummage through the cupboard too long, I’ll just give up (sorry for stretching that metaphor).

One more Toblerone anecdote before I stop. My cousin Nathan once had a yen for Toblerone much like Joey on Friends did. It just so happened we were on a cruise ship and the duty-free shop had a stockpile of them which, if I recall, Nathan depleted by a few bars each day.

Good times.

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  1. That’s the thing I miss most about the UK, well, after being able to get decent tea everywhere you go and the fact that beer is a lot cheaper. The chocolate, even the regular 50 pence cadbury chocolate bars in the tube station vending machines are better than 95 percent of the chocolate available in the US.

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