Natty Bumpercar Stickers!

The inimitable and very kind Natty Bumpercar (whose N. Bumperblog I started reading after a link from Clunky Robot) made stickers.

Natty put out the word about the stickers and asked if folks wanted any. I did, I said so and Natty was nice enough to send them to me.

Here are some pics of my not ill-gotten gains:

The packaging:

Secret Envelope

The card:

Card Caricature

The stickers:


Thanks, Natty Bumpercar! I really appreciate you sharing the love with me in sticker form (and the cartoons as well).

If you’re a fan of Homestar Runner or any web flash toon, you should check out Natty Bumpercar. It’s juvenile, but not in a crass way. And it’s funny but not in a Seinfeld way.


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