Tuesday Music

There are some days when tiredness (we went to a Halloween event for the kiddies last night), general laziness (you knew that already) and too many parenthetical phrases (duh!) dictate that I muck up the internets with links to videos on YouTube.

Sure, I could link elsewhere for music and video, but I don’t have a rejoinder for the first half of this sentence.

Oasis’ Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

Foo Fighters’ The Pretender

Cracker’s live cover (featuring Adam Duritz of Counting Crows) of You Ain’t Goin Nowhere (Easy Chair) by Bob Dylan – phew!

Actually, no YouTube video exists of that last song, so I had to buy it on iTunes to feed my jones. If you have a link to a free online source, leave a comment.

I guess my predilection for music stems from being denied early purchase of Guitar Hero 3 on Saturday. The local Target had it in the display case then, so we tried to nab it a day early only to be told the SKU wasn’t in the system so we’d have to wait a day.

No time on Sunday minus game in hand on Saturday equals regret and longing.

Go figure. Happy listening!

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