Matthew Sweet’s “Wild”

God. Bless. Stereogum.

After the bait-and-switch and delays of Matthew’s ever-forthcoming album (tentatively titled “Rock Bottom” and due Fall 2006/Spring 2007 on his fake MySpace (real MySpace)) and the odd but heavy “Badass“, I was happy to hear “Wild“.

It’s got the solo guitar work I love.
It’s got the jangly verse/chorus.
It’s got Matthew singing with himself.
It’s got me hooked.

Apparently, “Wild” is on the soundtrack to the film The Bigtop and was written by Devon Reed, writer & producer of the film.

Please check it out. And if you have any karma or goodwill to exert upon the universe, please focus it on getting Matthew to release another album. The world (read: my ears) needs it. Before we all hit rock bottom (ugh).

That is all.

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