Working for the weekend

While I’m sure many of you are hearing either a) visions of Loverboy or b) Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I’m actually talking about work here. I know I don’t do it often (save, tangentially for earlier in the week), but I’m using my blogger clout, such as it is, to affect some change. Read on!

For a while now I’ve been working in a newly-formed group at TBS/TCM/TNT, and that’s Digital Marketing. As such as I have oversight and responsibility for a whole host of activities including SEM, On-Air messaging with Digital tags and the always-quoted “social networking”. I’m guessing Mahalo is two of those three general activities, since it is a search engine, but it’s also driven on one side by actual people at Mahalo (and not an alogrithm) and by users on the other side who are actively requesting pages.

So that’s what I’m doing in this space, I’m asking Mahalo to create pages for some of our original programming, namely:

Well, after some research it looks like Mahalo doesn’t have as much “to do” as I initially thought. They’ve built out a ton of content since I first thought of requesting these be made a couple of months ago.

And let it be known that I signed up and tried my hand at helping out/creating a page, but I don’t have the time. Instead, I’m going to suggest a few links here and there for their existing pages and ask that they create a page for the TBS show 10 Items or Less, please and thank you.

Also, while I’m not a regular viewer yet, I like what I’ve seen of Mahalo Daily. Maybe we’d even do a TBS/TCM/TNT weekly at some point. đŸ˜‰

To further disclaim things, I would never have thought to game the system and build these pages myself, despite being a relative expert on the shows and their official and non-official fan communities. Plus, that’s a lot of work for an activity that, like Wikipedia, isn’t really all that cool. Here, I can tell you who I am, why I’m doing things and let Mahalo/the community decide.

But great job, Mahalo. Y’all are doing a great job and have, thus far, exceeded my expectations.

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