Waiting Game

I’m stuck in a meeting where my contributions are minimal so I’m blogging. Blackberry blogging looks identical to actual work, so I’m covered there.

I’m just waiting for things to end, but that’s just an excuse. Life is good.

Jenn lost a coworker this week. Not to attrition or a new job, she passed away. Much crying and remembering and even a moment of silence in my big staff meeting yesterday.

There was a funeral and memorial yesterday for her while I had a holiday bowling/karaoke party. Life isn’t fair but it’s never boring.

She asked me as I was drifting off to sleep the one hypothetical we all love/hate: what would you regret if tou were gone tomorrow? And my answer is vain and pretentious and silly. I’d have wanted to write my novel. Not publish or find fame, judt cross the finish line.

So I’m waiting. I shouldn’t be but I am and I do.

I should do. I should write. Ishould do.

But first I’m waiting for this meeting to end. 😉

UPDATE: Post-meeting, here’s a link to an article about Jenn’s colleague, Jennifer Davidson.

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