Redacted not Retracted

I had a very passionate (and yet at the same time dispassionate, go figure) blog post planned for today but the Missus would rather I not fall on my sword over something on the internets. Fair enough. Cooler (and lovelier) heads prevail.

Instead, I have more Raelyn drama, since the story I told on Monday went over so well.

First I should let you know that Raelyn is feeling well but she hasn’t passed the zipper. For those of you struggling to make sense of that sentence please read the link above. Thanks.

My mother only heard the story this evening – she’s been traveling on business – and nearly hyperventilated from laughter. I told her that if I’d have known fatherhood might entail such trials and tribulations I might not have signed up. Her rejoinder? “Keep that in mind if you try for three or four.”

Well-played, mother.

So anyhow, tonight we had excessive drama about going home from school. What started out as typical “I want to stay here” whining quickly ballooned into full-on tantrum.

This is the same child who said “I don’t want to go to school” when I woke her up this morning. Go figure.

I was literally reduced to the blank stare head shake while Hurricane Raelyn spun herself into land and was eventually downgraded to a Tropical Depression. In her wake she left stunned classmates, a very disappointed after-school teacher, a crying sibling and two very weary parents.

At least we were able to get her to make a phone call (I dialed) and apologize after the fact to teacher and students alike.

Kids. You can’t beat ’em! (take that either way you like)

G’night folks!

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