Car Culture

Things done in the car today that seem very typical/indicative of the car culture here in Atlanta (and elsewhere).

  • Got the emission tested
  • Jenn’s birthday is tomorrow so we need the emission test for her tag renewal. 5 minute process in Midtown during lunch.


  • Saw/heard my first proximity alarm
  • I’d heard of these but never experienced one for myself.

    In our parking deck were two Red Porsches – a boxter and something more classic; I’m no car guy – are parked next to us. As we approached on our way to the emission test the one Porsche started ticking like a timebomb on 24 and ominously told me to “stand back”.

    Maybe it’s my personality, but I really wanted to stand next to it long enough for the KITT voice to start yelling at me and the alarm to go off. YMMV.

  • Nearly got clipped while parking
  • In the parking lot of our kids’ daycare no less. People, SHEESH!

  • Nearly got clipped while parallel parking
  • By Rocky Mountain Pizza. Jenn is a pro though and parallel with panache.

Hope everyone has a happy commute!

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