Unintentional Comedy


INT Car, occupied by a husband and wife in the front seats and an infant in a carseat and pre-schooler in a booster seat in the back.

It is a gray morning and the young family is commuting to work and school.

Traffic has backed up to a stand-still and the father remarks on the scene in front of him.

Father: Why is there a mosquito on the back of that Land Rover?

CUT to Land Rover spare tire cover sporting a line-art representation of a mosquito with the words NEW ORLEANS in ALL CAPS, Bold, Sans Serif beneath.

Mother: What?
Father: It’s on the spare tire cover.
Mother: Oh.
Father: And what does a mosquito have to do with New Orleans?
Mother: Well, it’s hot and moist down there.
Adults: *Pause*
Adults: *Laughter*
Pre-School Child: You guys are crazy!
Adults: *Laughter*
Adults: *Pause*
Father: I don’t have a better punchline than that!

That was my morning. You’re welcome.

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