Owen Kenneth Miller: 9 month report

So today marks the childhood equinox for our second-born, our son, Owen Kenneth Miller. He’s officially been out of his mother for the exact length of time (9 months, more or less) that he was in there. Good on ya, Owen.

Here are some stats to keep in mind about young Owen:

  • Teeth: 2. Both front, center, lower.
  • Crawling? Yes, please!
  • Humming when he eats? Yep. Just like big sis *still* does
  • Demeanor: Serious as a heart attack

Owen is a very different child from his older sister Raelyn.

Where she’s very outgoing and boisterous, he’s thoughtful and reserved.

When she would explore it was never mischievous but very controlled, almost cautious. Not so with Owen who routinely goes after items that might cause him blunt trauma, scarification, choking or general malaise.

How they differ in almost every approach to the world we’ve made for them would fill 10 blogs.

They have the same smile though. Especially for one another.

Raelyn gives hers more freely (always has), and Owen has to warm up to you, but they really light up in each other’s presence. It’s fun to watch. Makes us all smile together.

Owen especially likes to dance.

Any time.
Any music.

Raelyn regularly launches into a Fitty-inspired “Go Owen! It’s Ya Bert-day!” that has him bobbing, weaving, shucking, jiving and gyrating as well as his chubbiness will allow.

He can cruise a little bit and has started (just this week) standing up in bed when he’s not ready for bed (night) or awake (morning).

Unfortunately for us, he’s also gotten very brave. And babies at this age don’t really have any differentiation between brave and stupid since they don’t know any better.

Anyhow, we bring him into our bed in the morning – around 6 am for those playing at home – for a bottle and a morning nap. I know, I know: we need to be training him to sleep later, but we’re lazy.

So today, on his 9-month birthday (3/4 anniversary?), the boy decided that he’d like to wake up while Mom was in the shower and Dad was getting dressed in the walk-in closet and CRAWL. OFF. THE. BED.


For those of you with kids (and concerned co-workers), you know things like this do happen on occassion. If you don’t, please feel your face (especially your chin) for any faint scars or marks.

I swear, we’re good parents.

Anyhow, little man was consoled and crawling again in no time, though I think we’re realizing we’ve gone from “a little bit late” to “woefully under-prepared” in the baby-proofing of the new house.

He has his Doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon where we’ll get all the stats and such, but thus far he’s been a great kid. A wonderful addition to our family. Someone new who forces us to look at ourselves differently, but also another Miller child to corrupt with tales of “barking spiders” and “baking a pineapple”.

Love ya, Kiddo!

Oh, and I’m inspired to dad-blogging by new dad Kottke (his son’s initials are O.K. just like Owen’s, and they were born on the same day) and Dooce.

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