So this is a little train-of-blog that I hope you’ll indulge me in.

I spent a small fraction of my morning updating a “Web 2.0” document that basically categorizes and catalogs sites that fit into the “Web 2.0” mold. I taught a class on the topic yesterday (similar to my blogging presentation) so I owe folks here 2 PowerPoints.

I know.

Anyhow, one of the sites I added to my list was Muxtape, a cool, retro-themed, one-hit-wonder of a Web 2.0 site that I’d heard about and even visited but not used.

Then Kottke’s post showed up in my feed reader and I spent some of the best 2:42 of my life. Several times over, indeed.

Minutes later I saw Thomas’ post and now I’m hooked. Incidentally, Tony had somehow dropped off my reading list. Rectified now.

The proposition, interface and site are simple. That’s the appeal.

It speaks to those of us who made mixtapes (and CDs) and want to perhaps share our abiding musical love but aren’t willing to start a music blog and get snarfed up by The Hype Machine.

As a side note, I’ll be using The Hype Machine to find the mp3s for my own as-yet-undone Muxtape. Wish me luck.

Anyhow, try the site out. It really does give you that mixtape/CD comp feel despite being all “social media”/”Web 2.0”.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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