Ficlet Friday

Inspired by Poe and Mr. Rogers this week (I know!) I’ve written this week’s Ficlet Friday entry, Christmas At Ground Zero, with an eye to the macabre and the familial. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

One of the shortcomings of the Ficlet site/interface is that I can’t wax rhapsodic about my inspirations, short of linking my current story to another one or leaving myself a comment. What I’d really like is a kind of self-notation system; “notes” that I could leave on my own work about inspiration, version history or length of specific creative processes.

It’s a minor quibble since I have the blog as a platform to expound, but I’d love to see more functionality in the core of Ficlets. YMMV.

So, back to today’s Ficlet, I really like the fact that I started from an analog story. I wrote the whole thing (about 300 characters longer) in my Moleskine yesterday morning having conceived the thing the night before.

Since I no longer keep my journal by my bedside – bad idea – I had to count on remembering the gist of it through sleeping, dreaming, waking and showering. It’s not exactly what I set out to create, but the basic structure is intact. In some ways you’re reading the third iteration which I think came out the best.

As always, enjoy it, comment on it, rate it.

See you next Ficlet Friday!

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