Pre-K Graduation

Today I took photos
Today I recorded video
Today I smiled
Today I cried

Tomorrow she’ll be in Summer Camp
This Fall she’ll be a Kindergartner
In my mind’s eye she graduated high school and college and got married all in the space of a song. (R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest” for those scoring at home.)

Plenty of other folks have better metaphors for this than I do.
I’m just a one-man wrecking machine of cliche and trite, banal, facile sentiment.
No one tells you it’s OK if it’s your kid, they just don’t understand (or maybe they do).

I don’t feel old, I still feel young, maybe still look young too. Maybe I still *AM* young, but that’s not where my mind and soul are at now.

I’m not me any longer.
I’m Raelyn’s dad. Part of me, anyhow.

A bigger part than I ever imagined.
A smaller part than I think I should be sometimes.
A part I know was sad and joyful to see that part of my heart which beats outside my body.

She’s the embodiment of her mother and I.
Our ambassador to all the friends and parents and lovers yet to come.
We’re reflections of one another.

We were all smiling today.

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