Back to work

Being away for a week on vacation is bad enough, but then they expect you to come back in on Monday morning and jump right back in to the fray? Oh, and Raelyn started Kindergarten today (pics & video soon), so I’ve been up since 5:45.

Any more bitching? No? On to blogging:

The best way to combat the stress (both real and repetitive-stress-injuries related to keyboard disuse) is to watch a video. In this case a clever YouTube video, The Process, that satirizes the interaction of Marketing/Advertising clients and their agency.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been woefully ensconced within both camps, though my work now is adjunct and more visceral (more on that later). I’d also be lying if I failed to mention the fact that I was in tears by the end. Joy or pain; you decide.

Now that the laughter is out of the way, I wanted to bring folks up-to-speed on some of my professional projects, both ongoing and upcoming.

First, if you’re on Facebook and you watch TBS or TNT, please become a fan of our programming. Appropriate linkage below:

My Boys
The Bill Engvall Show
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne
The Closer
Saving Grace

Second, I’ve been doing a bunch of professional research. Turns out I get a ton of email on Mondays and most are related to word-of-mouth and social network marketing.

Here are the highlights:

I’ve also joined a Digital Word-of-Mouth community on LinkedIn, so my work day has been pretty link-riffic.

Hope your Monday is as social as mine.

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  1. Reminds me of some of our wonderful “User Interface Operability Focus Groups”. I realize that this video makes fun of it but the truth is that you can never have too much input! I mean, look at what we did with Vista! It rocks!

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