Absolute Zima

I’m no genius, nor am I as loquacious when drinking beer (it seems) as I am on this blog.

With that inauspicious intro, I give you Sub-Optimal Beer Episode 2: Bud Light vs. Miller Lite AKA Absolute Zima.

I think I got in 3 sentences and about as many guffaws (sorry, I sat close to the mic) after the final edit. Completely representative of my contribution relative to the other attendees, though I aspire for more participation in the future.

Sadly, some familial duties trump my attendance at tonight’s taping/event, so lift a glass/bottle for me. And if you see a surly lot at The Highlander making too much noise … it’s likely not the podcasting crew, that’s the normal clientele.

I also wanted to point out another beer-related link (from the fine folks @ Monday Night Brewery) concerning Craft beers of high alcohol content.

As someone who almost exclusively drinks craft beer (in bottles, at home, with the wife, after the kids are asleep) I love seeing the trends that started 10 years ago in microbrewing really start to gain broader traction.

I’d even go so far as to suggest – despite the name of the podcast – that we devote an episode to the local/regional microbrews of Atlanta, or even spend a night (or two) sampling the wares of 5 Seasons or even (maybe more appropriately) Gordon Biersch.

I dunno. First off, I’ll have to attend more than once every other time.

Note to self: make sure life doesn’t intrude on Wednesdays. All other interruptions fine.

Anyhow, have a listen to the dulcet tones of the podcasters discussing the pedestrian beers of our time. We sound better than they tasted.


3 thoughts on “Absolute Zima

  1. I actually prefer Coors Light. It’s the more indie light beer. You know, like the indie Spiderman of beers. The hoppy undertones are much more subtle and the beechwood aging fades into the, umm, mouthfeel.

    Aiming for the stars…

  2. I would have to say I prefer Miller Lite to Bud Light. I enjoy the “after taste” of Miller Lite. Probably a better comparison to Bud Light would have been Miller High Life or Miller High Life Light. While I do agree that these beers are often pitted against one another on a marketing stand point. They are really different in taste. It would like comparing Coke and Pepsi. Well that is not a perfect analogy but you get the idea.

    If I want a light American-style Pilsner I will reach for a Miller Lite. Let Calories than Bud Light and the same alcohol content.

    BTW…Absolute Zima is a better name for the group than Sub-Optimal Beer.

  3. Signs of the Apocalypse, Part I…

    No, I’m not going to mention the Presidential election or the Wall Street Bailout, I’m going to blog about beer.
    Namely the fact that I had healthy (and sometime unhealthy, considering the outcome of the UGA/Bama game) doses of two of Anhei…

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