Beer Goodness

I’m in a very good place, from a beer perspective, right now, despite missing the last Sub-Optimal Beer podcast recording (and drinking) session. Or maybe because of that fact. 😉

First, I think I drank my weight in Yuengling two weekends ago. Fiftieth anniversary celebration for a couple from Pottsville, PA, home of America’s oldest brewer.

Good stuff that isn’t available locally. Very drinkable. They bottle a black and tan that I enjoy.

Speaking of black and tans, BoingBoing Gadgets has a link to a cool “device” that’s really just a cross between a large bar spoon and a Hawthorne strainer. Oh, and it’s turtle-themed. And the name has umlauts.

That’s right, it’s the BrüTül Lagerhead. Insert groanage here.

Here are a few videos [one] [two] to whet your appetite for the ale (or lager) and stout combo, complete with brüTül usage.

If black and tans aren’t your thing – and they really should be now that you have a device to help make your locally-minded Dirty Turtle (Terrapin & Guinness) – here’s another beer link: Beer Troubleshooting Chart. YMMV. My dad sent this to me and I mention it out of timeliness.

On the topic of local, I may not make tomorrow night’s APWBWGTTD event but I am working with Monday Night Brewery on a project. By “working” I mean I submitted a comment on their blog and by “project” I mean I helped re-name one of their beers. Still haven’t tasted one of their brews, but staying gainfully employed and married is job one.

I’ll be drinking Breckenridge Brewery Agave Wheat tonight, FWIW.

Anyhow, happy Tuesday and go Beer!

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