Hodgman, Twitter and signed copies

Way back in the beginning of June, John Hodgman (“PC” in those Mac & PC ads that Apple does) “tweeted” an interesting offer:

re: a TAXONOMY OF COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE. I will sign and send one to you and the next four who tweet/email an address.

Twenty minutes later, he had somewhat recanted:

And, to thank to the recklessly brave, I WILL send one to all who tweeted their mailing address. BUT OFFER ENDS NOW.

Hodgman then followed up the offer and the recantation/rescinding with a few other tweets about respecting privacy, defining his initial intent and being more forthcoming about how to contact him in the future.

As an avowed Hodgman fan – specifically of his previous book, The Areas of My Expertise – I jumped at the chance to get a free preview of his upcoming book – More Information Than You Require – for the low, low price of free. Well, free if you count exposing your full address to the internet as “free”.

But I do. So we’re cool.

Here’s a goofy, gushy, weird video of me “reviewing” the fact that John Hodgman addressed an envelope to me and sent me a signed, numbered copy (#138, for those scoring at home) of the aforementioned More Information Than You Require. It’s funny just how serious I am. Hold your applause.

That said, I think the excerpt is as funny and as insightful, if that’s the right descriptor, as anything Hodgman has written before. Even reading and responding to his tweets seems, he’s completely in character (himself?) as this know-it-all.

I just wanted my own little piece of internet fame ephemera and I got it.

Yay me!

Instructively, it bears mentioning that Hodgman is such a whiz at Twitter because he’s playing himself on Twitter. I mean, he’s a caricature of an expert, but that’s his shtick and he never breaks character.

If only everyone in media and entertainment got that, the internet would be a happier place. Or filled with more marketing-minded, media/internet-savvy auteurs. Either/or.

Additionally, I’ve just received my signed copy of Matthew Sweet’s lastest CD Sunshine Lies (pre-blogged here), so I’m just swimming in pop culture signatory stuff.

Signed copy of Matthew Sweet's Sunshine Lies

Happy Tuesday!

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