iPhoning it in

So now that I’m deep into month two of the iPhone I thought I’d give you an idea of what I really like and dislike about the device, especially as a gaming platform.

Here’s the clear winner in my hands: reMovem free:

Too much time in my hands

Let it be known that of all the software – especially games – that I’ve downloaded for the iPhone thus far, I’ve spent a grand total of nothing.

That’s right:

What do I have to show for it? By my count, 15 free games and a few, meaningless, goofy, game-like apps.

Obviously, having played (now) over 1,000 games of reMovem, it’s my clear favorite and a good candidate: brief, easy, straight-forward. It’s the ultimate casual game for iPhone: little ventured, less gained or lost (except time).

Here are the other games that are currently eating up my free (and not-so-free) time, all for free:

  • Fuzzle
  • Fantastic, colorful, easy-to-learn/play game. A real puzzler.

  • Tris
  • No longer available, but a great Tetris clone for the iPhone.

  • Brain Tuner
  • Not quite Brain Age, but the iPhone isn’t a DS. Plus, it’s FREE!

  • Puzzloop Free
  • Like Zuma or Bubble Bobble, complete with all the happy sound effects.

  • CannonGame
  • Based on the Discovery Channel show Future Weapons, an iPhone version of their flash website game.

    GREAT Marketing idea!

So there’s my “Top 6” list of the moment.

I may soon drop some cash – just a buck – to buy some nostalgia in the form of an LED Football game.

I’m also waiting on a super-secret game to be released, but I’m bound not to say anything about it. Yet.

Happy iPhone Gaming!

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