Grumpy Old Man

Before you have to endure all the schmaltzy horribleness of my birthday tomorrow – I’m an introspective guy when it comes to gaining another year (which Jenn dislikes and I hate about myself, that I get caught in the mire so easily) – I thought I’d vent my spleen.


  1. I’m sick of people who won’t learn
  2. This includes those who don’t want to “get” new technology, don’t want to admit that their industry is changing and those who mispronounce “Sudoku” while claiming not to be a “gamer”.

  3. I’m sick of A/B comparisons
  4. I don’t want to hear “cost/benefits”, “casual/fanatical”, or “over/under” for a while. Most TLAs, notably “ROI”, are on notice.

    Which brings me to …

  5. I’m sick of jargon
  6. Transmedia, social media, social networking, millenials. The whole shebang.

    People are people. My “job” at work is helping us reach PEOPLE using technology.

    Call it what you want, but remember the fact that living, breathing sacks of meat are at steak, not some pet terminology.

My neck hurts, my tongue won’t taste, I’m still sick, still tired and I have a birthday tomorrow.

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