Lost: The Little Prince

I know enough about the source material for the title, The Little Prince, to be very dangerous. Do yourself a favor and hit Wikipedia. Then, in the comments, discuss whether Aaron or Jin is “The Little Prince” of the title.

Of course this just means you have another book to add to your “Lost Book Club” list. Lastly, does the island represent asteroid B-612? Discuss.

On to the bullet points!

  • Numbers!
  • I’ve missed you, numbers. Here’s where you were this week:

    Kate’s address: 42 Panorama Crest

    Slip #23 of the Long Beach Marina

    These are fun, but easy.

  • Sun’s benefactor
  • It might be Widmore, but for those of you who paused and ran the “package” scene back in slo-mo (admit it, I’m not the only one) you saw the address “103 Pinecrest” and the name “Lee Chin” who apparently committed suicide, according to the report.

    Is the report about Jae Lee (Chin?), Sun’s Korean lover?

    What does the report have to do with the pictures of Jack & Ben with Locke’s body?

    Who gave her the gun?

    I think we’ll find out more, maybe next episode, but I love all the subterfuge surrounding her character. All the lies that start from the very beginning with her breaking her father’s glass ballerina and blaming it on the maid.

    Speaking of which, I really hope we unravel the mystery of how Paik Heavy Industries (Sun’s father’s company) is directly connected to the Hanso Foundation and to Widmore.

  • Danielle Rousseau
  • I think this episode is telling me I need to re-watch the first season. From the light in the jungle (the Swan hatch) to Aaron’s birth to Rousseau’s crew landing on the island, it wouldn’t hurt to be more familiar with the source material.

    Speaking of which, does anyone now think that the “sickness” that claimed the lives of Rousseau’s crew may just be this flash/time travel/nose bleed business? Just spit-balling.

    Also, what did Rousseau make of Jin when they (first?) meet after Flight 815 crashes? See? We all have to watch Season 1 again!

  • Aaron’s relatives
  • Did Jack ever reveal to Kate that he was Aaron’s uncle/Claire’s half-brother?

    Have we ever seen the potential adoptive parents of Aaron in L.A.?

    Is it possible that Christian Shephard, Widmore, Ben or some other outlier was trying to adopt Aaron?

    If Claire’s mom wasn’t in L.A. for Aaron, was she there ONLY for the Oceanic settlement?

    Attorney Dan: What do we think of him? I like him, personally, since he flows from Ben.

I’m sure I’m missing wide swaths of information, but I’m sick this evening. Make me (and each other) smarter with your insightful comments.


6 thoughts on “Lost: The Little Prince

  1. Jessica says:

    After Miles got the nosebleed and he told Daniel, Daniel told him his theory about it, which was the duration of how much time you have spent on the island. When Miles said he had only been there a few weeks Daniel answered, are you sure?

    I was thinking that maybe Miles is the son of Pierre Chang. We know he had a baby when the Dharma stations were being built. And they seem to have the same nasty disposition.

  2. Oooh, Jessica, that’s good. Yes, good call.

    Am I crazy, or did Charlotte tell us last season that she was born on the Island, too? If blond Ellie from 1954 is Daniel’s mother… maybe he was born there, too, and has just spent less time in total than Charlotte and Miles?

  3. Yeah, I like thinking of Marvin Candle as Miles’ dad. Good observation.

    There’s been discussion in other forums and blogs about paradoxes occurring, specifically regarding Jin & Rousseau. It’s been posited that since Rousseau is dead no dream/memory will pop in to her future head (a la Desmond “remembering” Faraday).

    It’s also been mentioned that no “constant” is necessary for those who are “other”/born on the island. I don’t know how much stock I put in this considering that two people who were likely born on the island – Miles & Charlotte – are experiencing a good deal of trouble, not to mention Juliet who has also spent a good chunk of time on the island.

    I just want some more technical details revealed about the mechanics and reasons for the time travel, which I think we’ll get. Miles has some ‘splaining to do.

    I also want to point out http://www.ajiraairways.com/ if you haven’t seen it. Apparently it launched in conjunction with the TCA tour this year and has a contributor who may seem familiar to Losties: Antonio B. MacCutcheon

  4. I’m curious, too, if the writers will attempt some cockamamie explanation for why anything from a machete to a boat will make the trip through time with our plucky adventurers. I am 100% fine if they just choose to dodge the issue altogether, as that kind of technobabble has never been was LOST chooses to care about… but now that they’ve reached this openly sci-fi place, I’m curious if they’ll give it a shot.

  5. jeanne "jem" says:

    Will, you may have it right about the focus of Lost. This series can be told over a campfire and marshmallows. They can make do with very primitive special effects and still remain compelling (as with my audio CD of Prince Caspian read in a most engaging and delightful manner by Vanessa Redgrave). It is the storyteller’s ability to pause for effect and say “Boo!” that makes the audience hide under their blankets.

    Seth, is it Aaron or Jin? Aaron’s lived an uneventful life in the city. He’s loved only his mommy Kate. He’s not actually taken initiative to take care for another living being — yet. As for Jin, sure he tended to his chores on the island but he experienced only the brief moments on the freighter while off island and was unconscious during the time travel episodes until now. Dunno. Still working on this one.

    There IS a possibility The Little Prince is not so much a person as a SITUATION. The Locke-Sawyer troupe have travelled to three different “worlds” in this episode alone. The Little Prince went to six asteroids inhabited by a self-deluding control freak, a conceited man, a self-loathing drunk, a possessive man, a man of duty, and a skeptical map maker. Once they revived the anthropologist and headed for the Zodiac, Sawyer saw Kate and you could see the happy/sad/painful self-denial in his face (although the background music did most of the storytelling here). Sawyer was a con artist with a grudge who grew into this magnificent selfless hero on the island — the self-loathing drunk? Then came the shoot-first-ask-questions later outrigger canoe people — control freaks? Then the storm and the shipwreck articles from the science team with an aggressive guy grilling Jin about “how do you not know how you wound up in the middle of the ocean?” before Danielle snarled at him — the skeptical map makers?

    Then again, maybe it IS a person. The Little Prince had to die in body to allow his essence to return to B612. Locke died in body, but Ben implies something of Locke must be brought back to life on the island ‘or all that we’re about to do is for nothing and i think i WILL have a few slices of bologna to go please.’ Locke is, after all, leader or “Prince” of the Others and the Others control this island, so Locke is Prince of this island. Locke was travelling with Sawyer et al through those three worlds of this episode.

    Aside. I keep looking for eyeshadow on Richard Alpert but the close-up at the 1954 camp in episode “Jughead” cleared up that mystery. He’s got thick eyebrows. Since it’s not a unibrow but two distinct brows, it only LOOKS like eye shadow from a distance.

    … and why does my formatting go berserk when I press “POST”?

  6. Re: Did Jack ever reveal to Kate that he was Aaron’s uncle/Claire’s half-brother?

    I recall some point last season when Jack was frustrated with Kate and said something like, “He’s not even your family!” or something. Kate was visibly upset by this. I took it, at the time, to mean Jack was Aaron’s family and she was not. Granted that’s not 100% proof. The scene would need to be re-watched to know if there was a more concrete answer to your question.

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