Lost: LaFleur

Before I even begin to do my meager and half-hearted recap here, I’d just like for everyone to read Kottke’s post on timetravel which is really just an excuse to link to Lost: A Theory On Time Travel

For the lazy, an excerpt:

1996-1996 (third iteration): several years elapse on the island, as Kelvin and Desmond push the button in the Swan. The island is theoretically invisible to the outside world because time is physically being reset every 108 minutes, so only people inside the magnetic bubble of the island can actually experience the looping 108 minutes of time. What Ben is trying to do is two-fold: first of all, he wants to stop time from ever reaching 2007. Second, he wants to create a utopia on the island such that people can live forever! Ben, in fact, isn’t the bad guy. He’s trying to preserve the timeline to prevent disaster and create a fountain of youth. True, he has a rough way of going about his work, but can you blame him? He can’t tell many people about the “time loop” because their knowledge could lead them into actions that may alter the future, and possibly screw up his plan.

It’s the worth the jump down the rabbit hole and may actually be *less* confusing than tonight’s episode.

Here are the thoughts:

  • Four-toed statue
  • Even seen briefly from behind, it was nice to see it again. I think it looked a lot like Horace, but what do I know.

  • The Ankh
  • I don’t recall much previous Egyptian symbolism, save for the time that Desmond didn’t push the button and the clock reset, but religion and Lost are pretty tight buddies.

  • Horace Goodspeed
  • Present at Ben’s birth in Oregon, married to Amy at one point and then Olivia. He appeared to Locke on a “loop” while chopping wood. Lostpedia is your friend.

    UPDATE: It strikes me that Will’s comment below is really smart. I put two and two together and realized that our friend Horace could be a misspelling of Horus, an Egyptian god symbolized by the hieroglyph for a bird, that was seen when the Swan hatch exploded.

My questions:

  • Who is the baby born to Amy & Horace?
  • When is the timeline for the non-Oceanic 6 survivors of Ajira 316? (Basically undead Locke et al) It may be 1977 but I’m not sure yet.

I’m surprisingly stymied tonight. Chalk it up to tiredness and the relentess “3 years” back-and-forth we had tonight.

I’ll be smarter tomorrow and the comments are always illuminating. Have at it.

Oh, and I *loved* the idea of Sawyer brokering the truce by revealing all his time travel acquired knowledge. Plus, Jenn and I really liked the organic romance that happened between him and Juliet.

But now Lost is back to throwing us the curveball by bringing Kate & Sawyer into proximity.

Fate or Free Will.

Have at it.

4 thoughts on “Lost: LaFleur

  1. Anne Fitzgerald says:

    The whole night was one, “Dude!” after another…

    I’m utterly convinced now that the whispers in the jungle are the time travelers jumping and walking.

  2. Horace/Horus and mix in some Egyptian hieroglyphs, great insight. I so never would have got that. As I said on someone else’s blog, I forgot where I knew Horace from. It’s hard keeping all this straight. nice post.

  3. jeanne "jem" says:

    First impression says Ajira crashed
    in 1977, so quite right Seth. At the sub,
    Sawyer told Juliet “it’s 1974.”After
    Juliet’s decision to stay, the screen said
    “Three years later.” Amy gave birth,
    Sawyer picked a yellow flower for
    Juliet, and he later that same day
    congratulated a groggy Horus.

    Here’s where a second impression
    makes things fuzzy. Is it next morning
    that Sawyer wakes up with Juliet?
    Or did some time pass? Whatever
    the case, it’s still in that era of 1977
    or 1977-ish, before young Ben Linus
    arrives and around the time Charlotte
    leaves the island.

    Ajira crashed in slow motion or
    no motion so the plane remained
    intact and Kate did not splatter
    on the rocks. Ajira also made very
    little noise because Dharma did not
    bother to wake Sawyer and still
    no alarm even though Hurley’s swim
    with the guitar showed this was a
    daytime crash.

    The non-appearance of stewardess
    Cindy plus the teddy bear kids
    Zach and Emma or Alpert’s surviving
    2004 Others during those three years
    with Dharma shows the Temple may
    indeed be (as suggested by Lostpedia)
    “shielded” from these time travel
    flashes so they didn’t bump into
    Rousseau’s men… but where the heck
    is our dentist and Rose plus all what
    remains of the scattered no-name
    Oceanic after the flaming arrows?
    They certainly weren’t shielded.
    Will we see them in Dharma suits?

    I love this show. Tonight was a very
    romantic ending indeed.

    Also, Sawyer said to Horus regarding
    Alpert: “your buddy with the eyeliner.”

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