Lost: Dead Is Dead

If you’re a fan of Michael Emerson, tonight’s episode of Lost “Dead Is Dead” was for you. And me too since I love to hate/love to love Benjamin Linus.


  • WHEN are the Ajira survivors?
  • I’m becoming a broken record, but I don’t see how Locke can be alive in the present/future given the rules of the island and the time travel rules as I understand them.

    I’m more than happy to be proven wrong, but it’s really odd that everything is deserted in the “present” storyline.

    I don’t know that they’re in the past but I’m willing to entertain any and all explanations.

  • What lies in the shadow of the statue?
  • A reference, certainly, to the four-toed statue but maybe also an allusion to the “lies” told by the statue of John Harvard [link one] [link two]

    Of greater interest to me than the mystery of the riddle is how/why Ilana got the guns, what she’ll do with them and who she works for.

    I’m guessing she works for Widmore. Who’s with me?

  • Children
  • I thought we were going to get some kind of flashback tonight that showed how Smokey had initially saved Ben, but I’ll take what we got.

    Interesting that the pity Kate showed Ben in saving him is echoed in Ben saving Alex (from Widmore).

    Also, seeing Ben stop short of shooting Penny when he notices Charlie was a nice touch.

    I like that Ben told Sun to tell Desmond he was sorry. It makes me wonder why Sun hasn’t expressed missing Je Yeon or why Kate didn’t seem sad to be apart from Aaron.

  • Ethan
  • If Ethan is the son of Amy and Horace, how did he end up with Ben and The Others?

    Shouldn’t he have been killed in the purge?

    Is this a case of Ben being kind to children before he rescues/steals Alex?

    Also, I just thought of this: shouldn’t his last name be Goodspeed and not Rom?

  • Leadership
  • How and when did Widmore become the leader of The Others?

    If Ben was so convinced that the island didn’t want people leaving, why were Ethan and Richard permitted to work for Mittelos Bioscience in the recruitment of Juliet “Not In Portland“? And wasn’t he regularly leaving the island himself?

    Why does it seem like none of the “leaders” knows the real story of the island, even Richard?

    What was up with Anubis in the glyphs in Smokey’s lair?

    What was Alex in Ben’s vision?

    Why did Ben mention whispers to Rousseau?

I’m sure I’ve missed a ton. Tell me where I went wrong.

Also, POTENTIAL SPOILER: the season finale will be entitled “The Fork in the Outlet?“.

Additionally, is anyone curious about what Desmond, Penny & Charlie are up to now that they’ve been attacked?

Are we all thinking that Widmore is more motivated than ever to find/get back to the island (via Ilana)?

Anyhow, thanks for reading! Leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Lost: Dead Is Dead

  1. We don’t know that Ben didn’t kill Penny or Charlie later. I don’t think he would apologize just for scaring them or wounding Desmond.

    I also don’t think Locke is alive. It’s all in my post at bricck.blogspot.com.

  2. Regular commenter Russell left me this link via email: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/celebritology/2009/04/lost_dueling_analysis_dead_is.html

    The money blockquote comes at the end (I agree w/ Russell):

    First left-over thought: I believe that Horace orchestrated the whole situation with Lil Ben freeing Sayid from jail, or at least had a hand in it. Upon further review of recent episodes, I noted that Ben said he was bringing sandwiches to Sayid because Horace told him to. And that Horace’s lie about how the fire started seemed designed to keep Ben completely out of the picture. (Which might explain why he was so irritated when Dr. Jack Shephard, Workman, started poking holes in the explanation.) Remember, Horace brought the kid and dad Roger to the island. I think the guy knows more about how Ben fits into the whole picture, and perhaps even wanted Kate and Sawyer to give him to the Hostiles.

    Second left-over thought: So Amy successfully got pregnant and delivered on the island. We all talked about what might have caused women to start dying during pregnancy. I wonder if that was Ben’s rebirth. After he died and came back, suddenly every mother’s story mirrored that of his own mother’s: They all died before seeing their children. Just a theory that rattled around in my head.

    I also want to acknowledge that I left out the bit about the game of Risk in Ben’s old house. Sorry for the oversight; it was in my notes and I left it out of the post.

  3. I think if the “present” on the Island means three years since everybody left either for the Mainland or for 1973, that’s why everything looks deserted.

    Meanwhile, I don’t think the episode’s actually titled “The Fork in the Outlet;” that’s the codename for this season’s shocking finale shocker that’s shocking. (Get it? It’s shocking.) Previous years Challahs and Bagels, as I recall.

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