Craft Beer Weekend

I was lucky enough to spend the better part of my weekend (read: all) nursing one of four of your better craft beers:

All of this is merely a formality so I can share this awesome “I Am A Craft Brewer” video:

I Am A Craft Brewer from I Am A Craft Brewer on Vimeo.

The beer and the video really just fire me up to try the one beer that didn’t make it out of the fridge/bottle over the weekend: Terrapin Side Project #5: Monk’s Revenge

Here’s a review from the fine folks at Beer America TV:

While I’m on the topic of craft brew beer, should Monday Night Brewery decide they’re going to actively brew beer this year, I’m honor-bound to put in an appearance.

Anything else?

What are you drinking?

Leave a comment/recommendation.

3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Weekend

  1. I absolutely LOVE Palo Santo. I give it up when the weather gets warm, but in the fall and winter, I love starting a night off with a wine glass full of that beer.

    We should do a beer/blogger meetup at MNB…if they ever get off their asses. Kidding Jonathon, stop being lame.

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