iPhoning it in

Thanks to a very nice pointer from SpaceyG I read an excellent article on creating your (my?) first iPhone application.

I’ve actually had a little vision in the back of my mind about creating something for the iPhone that I think would be excellent, but maybe I have a little too much of the get-rich-quick mentality in me. I could potentially make it reality, but I think my expectations wouldn’t necessarily be met.

I’m one of those folks, like Steve Rubel, who will try out a ton of stuff and pay for/recommend the stuff I really enjoy. So here’s something I really enjoy, would heartily recommend you purchase (even though I got it during the “free” window) and is quite addicting to boot: Fuzzle.

I’m probably the perfect demographic for the game: raised on Tetris, a lover of Bubble Bobble and every bright, shiny puzzle game on the internet (and Nintendo), so if that sounds like you, by all means give it a whirl.

Here’s a video explaining the game(play):

So whether I ever do anything about my hairbrained iPhone app, at least I’ve given someone else the love their own creation richly deserves.


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