Ficly Friday: A Cat Named Schrodinger

Today’s Ficly Friday story, A Cat Named Schrodinger, was written last weekend in two separate rounds of no more than 10 minutes and it shows.

It’s quick.
It’s dirty.
It’s almost entirely dialog.

I like the concept of using what is, essentially, a poor excuse for a quantum mechanics joke as a jumping off point to a longer story or narrative.

Here it’s just a scene between two people with some (attempted) humor and subtlety around science and language.

Hope you like it: A Cat Named Schrodinger

Fun little missives like these are why I play around with flash fiction (Ficly) in the first place. It gives me an outlet for all those snippets of ideas that would die inside of a notebook or the tin drum I call my brain and let them flower (or wither) out in the wilds of the internet.

Happy Ficly Friday!

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