Separated At Birth: Dave Foley & Vincent Kartheiser

More accurately, Mad Men’s Pete Campbell (as played by Vincent Kartheiser) and Dave Foley‘s character in the “Communism” sketch in Kids In The Hall.

This “Separated At Birth” is mostly a goof, but I’ve been watching the new season of Mad Men recently and also following the ongoing antics of Kids In The Hall on Facebook.

So no tale-of-the-tape-style side-by-side comparisons this time around, just an image of Kartheiser as Pete Campbell and a video of Foley as a political commentator.

Make your own judgments.

Dave Foley/Political TV Host:

Vincent Kartheiser/Pete Campbell:

Pete Campbell

Maybe I’m conflating things because both Pete Campbell (and Mad Men) and Dave Foley (and Kids In The Hall) are awesome, or maybe its all the smarminess from that sketch and the general ickiness of Pete Cambell, but I think they’re related.

In any event, they’re both from the teevee. Whatever.

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Separated At Birth: Dave Foley & Vincent Kartheiser

  1. THANK YOU! I was wondering why in the hell this guy looked/sounded so familiar to me! Every episode of Mad Men, I scratch my head trying to figure out where I know this guy from; well, turns out it isn’t him, but a doppelganger! HA!

  2. David Smithman says:

    This entry is really old now, of course, but I am watching Mad Men for the first time and actually had to Google to try to see if that actor is related to Dave Foley. They even sound alike a little bit.

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