Me vs Man vs Food

This is not a diatribe about my current dietary habits. No.

This is a brief, silly post about The Travel Channel’s excellent distraction, Man vs Food.

If you’re not already a viewer, it’s a direct ripoff competitor to Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, affectionately referred to by it’s spiky-haired host, Guy Fieri, as “Triple D”. [“Parenthetically,” he said (in brackets no less), “Jenn had some co-workers featured in the Atlanta-centric episode of D3 last year.”]

On Man vs Food the host, Adam Richman, is a little less “alternative” than Guy – no spiky hair, distracting jewelry or bowling shirts – but he does play the role of the slightly pudgy Everyman in search of generous portions and big flavors.

Anyhow, I’m always jazzed about new episodes. They literally make my Wednesday night(cap). Sad, no?

This particular photo of tonight’s episode put me back on my “separated at birth” train of thought, which I won’t derail with a full post but I will respond1 thusly2.

You’re welcome.

So, watch Man vs Food if you don’t already. As a recovering glutton, I’m living vicariously through Adam – his exploits, his travels and his voracious, sweaty overindulgences.

That came out wrong.

What I mean is this: it’s always nice to see some schlub get their grub on, especially when the meals are super-spicy or cartoonishly gargantuan.

Now, the footnotes:

1 Patton Oswalt
2 I know, right?
3 This was not a footnote, but a “cubed” reference.

And, obviously, these are my own, personal opinions and not necessarily those of my employer.

Bon Appetit!

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