Separated at Birth: Peter Lorre & Evan Handler

This isn’t a Jack Handy-esque deep thought or anything like that, but I think I’ve been working for TCM a little bit too much/too long.

I now think that Evan Handler – he of “Sex and the City”, “Lost” and “Californication” fame – bears a striking resemblance to the inimitable (and oft-parodied) Peter Lorre.

Visual evidence and all, since obviously the two weren’t separated at birth seeing as how they’re separated by literally decades.

They’re both character actors specializing in slimy and unsavory folks, for sure.
They’ve both suffered from maladies – in the case of Lorre an addiction to morphine and in the case of Handler, Leukemia.
They’re both of Jewish descent.

Still, though, those bald heads both give me pause.

Peter Lorre
Peter Lorre
Evan Handler
Evan Handler

You are now free to go about your business.

Happy Tuesday!

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