Doctor Strange Hands

Not to be confused with Dr. Strangelove OR Dr. “Strangehands”, I’m talking about the curiously curved hands of Dr. Stephen Strange AKA Doctor Strange.

I’m no fan of Steve Ditko’s politics, but his art – especially his work on Doctor Strange – really defines the characters he drew. Even more than Jack Kirby, for me, Ditko’s characterizations had a fluidity and humanity to them.

Where Kirby was “king” of the spectacular and epic, Ditko could convey emotion and body language unlike any of his contemporaries.

But I digress.

One of the best aspects of Ditko’s Doctor Strange art was the Doctor’s hands. He could throw shapes (and bolts of energy) of all size and description to employ his magic powers.

It’s such an integral part of the character and storytelling that I’m not going to re-hash this awesome post on the topic.

Some examples:

Doctor Strange's hand
Doctor Strange's hand
Mordo's hand
Mordo's hand

Here’s my own skill at employing my double-jointed-ness in a magical fashion. Note the glow, many thanks to

Double jointed fingers

I don’t know what other point this post has other than to firmly establish:

  • I’m double jointed in my fingers
  • Steve Ditko’s Doctor Strange rocked

I’d also like to point out that both my kids share my “talent” and are surprised that Jenn isn’t equally gifted.

I don’t know what that says about any of us but I thought I’d pass it along.



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  1. I gotta agree; I’ve enjoyed Ditko’s early Marvel artistic style ever since reading the digest-sized reprints of The Amazing Spider-Man when I was just a wee li’l Willie. I could never explain it, but there is something about his work that just looked “right” for comics.

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