I’m a forgetful son-of-a-gun most of the time.
I end up making lists like something out of Memento.
I’ve taken to clipping my business cards to my notebook with a binder clip (though I never got around to building a Hipster PDA).

To sum up: I’m the guy who usually says “I’ll email you my contact info” after you give me your card.

So, of course, last March at SXSW, I ran out of business cards before the final day. I only brought 75 (my mistake) when I could have easily brought 200 (about the number I came home with).

The inimitable (and very helpful) Amanda Lauter told me I should use contxts (though I didn’t sign up until yesterday).

A lot of folks have suggested Bump, but I only downloaded that back in October (and, at the time, I had biz cards at my disposal).

Then I became (rapidly) obsessed with acquiring a Poken, since I dig on the collectible, cute USBs.

So now that I’m everywhere all at once, which system will win? I’m betting on good, old fashioned cards (if & when I have them).

I can’t see myself bumping phones too often or touching Pokens (assuming other folks have them). Maybe the most useful of the three is contxts.

Easy to remember.
Easy to share (via txt or a little note).
Easy to import into your phone upon receipt.

The one additional thing I’d like to try would potentially be a custom QR code stored on my phone (Like this one that points to contxts or that one). It would have the same potential hurdles as Bump, but any phone that could snap/scan my iPhone screen could get the embedded information. Like CardStar for contact info. Or something.

I don’t know what I’m getting at, since I still use a glommed-together “system” of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & a big stash of cards in my office drawer to keep up with folks, but at least the transfer of contact data should be better.

Of course, you could also peruse Mashable’s post on the same subject if you’re so inclined.

Happy New Year!

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