Preparing for the final season of Lost

I was already in the process of editing and composing this post when Bill’s “Annoying Lost Fans?” post hit Google Reader this morning.


I guess I’m *that* guy, so please forgive for sharing some links with the similarly obsessed among you. Everyone else, please avert your eyes (and ears) for the next 4 months or so.


I’ll start out with my own tongue-in-cheek video, Previously on Lost: What?

From the sublime to the ridiculous: a petition (from fans) to turn DisneyLand’s Tarzan Treehouse (formerly Swiss Family Robinson) into a Lost attraction.

Here’s the first actually useful bit of video I have: Lost in 8:15. A clever recap a la Sopranos in 7 minutes.

Contrast that video with some of the Season 5 bloopers:

If you’re into more official stuff, check out Lost University (in its final weeks). It’s the last of the alternate reality lite “games” for Lost.

Finally, here’s a slightly spoiler-y article from EW featuring the cast, Damon & Carlton and a brief Q&A with JJ Abrams.


See you on February 2nd!

One thought on “Preparing for the final season of Lost

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the links that you shared in this post. The “what” video made me laugh!

    I’m so excited about the return of Lost next week. I’m also excited about your recaps!! 🙂

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