Lost: Lighthouse

Down and dirty tonight, folks, until the Producers or ABC’s promo department start answering questions. I want to be led like Hurley was tonight, not left to stare at the ocean:

Things we ALL saw:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Actually the annotated version. Anyone read it?

    Not the first time.

  • MacCutcheon Whisky
  • In Christian’s study.

    Not the first time.

  • 108 Degrees
  • Bets on who(m) that might be? Desmond Hume, perhaps?

    Not the first time.

Shots in the dark:

  • Seven Wonders of the Island World
  • We’ve already seen a Temple, a Colossus and a Lighthouse (tonight). Was the greenhouse/Orchid Station analogous to the Hanging Gardens?

    Bone up on your Seven Wonders and offer up your thoughts on whether we have seen/will see three remaining wonders.

  • Jack’s Forgetfulness
  • Is it Amnesia?
    Is he a different Jack from a different time-stream/reality?
    Who is David’s mother? Sarah?
    Is David actually Jack’s son or the result of Sarah’s affair?

  • Claire is the new Rousseau
  • I don’t know that I’ve thought this through the whole way, but maybe Rousseau was one of the Man in Black’s pawns too?

    I also think that Jacob’s statements about Jack – “You’ve Got What It Takes” – are what even the island version of Christian (also MiB-controlled?) couldn’t tell Jack.

    Still don’t know what my endgame is here, but I like the connections and contradictions Season 6 is showing us here.

I have a few other half-thoughts, but I’m blurry and baby-tired from the three-week-old holed up in our bedroom.

Pray for me.

I really want to hear what you think. Leave a comment.

Until next week!

4 thoughts on “Lost: Lighthouse

  1. Intrigued by Kate showing up as #51 on the Lighthouse “Wheel of Fortune” list. Also interesting that 51 is Sawyer’s # reversed. Also, I wonder if the scratch marks over her name/number mean anything.

    I think we could all agree that an ax to the guy moves into the top 5 worst ways to die.

  2. I don’t know if you have a personal policy about reading about Lost on the interwebs, but you apparently could have read who 108 was if you’d paused the episode at the right moment. (Not really a spoiler, as far as I am concerned, since A) it’s just a screenshot of the episode last night and B) it’s not a name I recognize from the show at all.)

    Did you happen to catch the promo for next week’s episode at the end, the one where the narrator is all “We can only show you three seconds of next week’s episode because we’re going to answer SO MANY QUESTIONS.” Yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think it’s more likely they’ll discover another new building on the island and back in Bizarro LA, Charles Widmore and Daniel Faraday are the co-owners of the bike shop where Michael takes Walt to buy a new bike.


  3. @Garrett, I try to get these written within the first hour after the linear airing (so, 11pm) so I’m not always following all the threads online or rewinding my TiVo. Add to that fact that my HD TiVo is on the fritz so I didn’t rewind to make out the other numbered names. Good links though. Thanks for sharing.

    @Josh, Interesting bit about Kate’s number. That whole scene seemed off to me.

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