A Mnemonic Device For Remembering Pneumonic

A more clever man would actually have a mnemonic device to remember this sort of thing, but I’m not that guy. I just know it’s mnemonic and NOT pneumonic.

That just sounds terrible (and Firefox spellcheck doesn’t even register it as a cromulent word).

In a meeting earlier today someone pronounced (or misrepresented) a mnemonic as a pneumonic. While the former can deal with sound and the latter deals with lungs (which are required hardware for people to make sounds), they ain’t the same thing.

Anyhow, given my well-documented pedantry for this sort of thing, I thought I’d share.

Anyone else know someone who called it a “New Monic” device?


Happy Monday!

One thought on “A Mnemonic Device For Remembering Pneumonic

  1. Hilary says:

    I’m from California and recently discovered no one else says it “new-monic” like I do. Was this person in the meeting from the west coast?

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