Lost: Across The Sea

After taking what seems to be an interminable sabbatical (actually only a month and a half) I’m back to blogging Lost for the homestretch.

I’ve actually been pecking at the bones of a recap of all six seasons, focused mainly on *my* journey of watching the show and blogging about it. It has afforded me the opportunity to be interviewed twice by the AJC, get a Cease & Desist letter from Disney and meet some very cool, like-minded individuals.

More on those topics after the series finale.

On to tonight’s episode, “Across The Sea”

I haven’t watched it yet.
Not purposefully, but because of a technical glitch.

Rather than turning this post into a truly epic rant about how utterly SHITTY TiVo’s HD unit (and use of CableCard) is I’ll save that for a standalone post.

Suffice it to say I’m going the Hulu route at some point tomorrow.
Which sucks.
Or blows.


By all means, spoil me in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook. I deserve it for trusting such shoddy technology. Anyone have a recommendation: Dish, DirecTV, U-Verse or Charter’s HD DVR?

For those that did watch, I promise I’ll blog the finale (even if I have to watch it through my neighbor’s window).

Or not.


3 thoughts on “Lost: Across The Sea

  1. My unqualified recommendation is usually TiVo! We have two TiVo HD units, one for each TV in our house, both with multistream CableCards. What happened? I had some shitty experiences getting each of them set up, but the blame for that lays squarely with Comcast, not TiVo.

  2. Long story short: cablecard caused harddrive failure in one unit so we had it replaced. New unit still had problems so we got new cards for both units. New cards were still blur screening new unit so we took out the cards (no HD). Now other unit is continually blue screening. TiVo blames cablecardd and Charter; Charter blames TiVo. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  3. Yikes. I know that TiVo has some kind of CableCard task force; if you hadn’t already worked with them, the number is 866-986-8486. I had serious CableCard issues for about a week with Comcast when we got the first THD two years ago, but it was always (ALWAYS) Comcast’s fault, so my issues haven’t soured me on TiVo altogether just yet.

    I have heard good things about the Dish HD DVR and U-Verse, if it’s available, but don’t have experience with either. I’ve only ever used the Comcast HD DVR and (many) TiVos.

    ¡Buena suerte!

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