Lost: What They Died For

First off, here’s a fan-made trailer for the series finale. Much better than the promo we got at the end of tonight’s episode.

Here are my very brief thoughts on tonight’s episode, What They Died For:

  • Choice
  • Now we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth: Jacob wants the candidates to choose who among them will take his place.

    If Lost is about nothing else, it’s the choices we make as self-defining versus the immutability (destiny) of some outer appearance of the self.

    Good times and I think we’ll see even better choices this Sunday in the finale.

    Which leads to …

  • Secrets & Grudges
  • I loved the fact that Widmore trusted Smoky enough to whisper in his ear almost as much as I really loved Ben shooting him just to get even vis-a-vis Penny & Alex.

    Just when you think all the still-living Losties have somehow learned their lesson and grown personally, Ben goes back to being Ben, at least on the island. His statement to Smoky about “who else do you want me to kill” was almost as chilling as him calling himself Henry Gale that first time. I didn’t trust him then and I don’t trust him know. Love him though!

    Also, interesting to note that even in the revelations of both Smoky and Jacob, there’s still some level of uncertainty. Neither one is omniscient, just very, very powerful. I think there are still some compelling secrets to be revealed and at least one more double-back by one of the main players, likely Desmond.

    Des’ part in the flash sideways is brilliant, by the way. He’s become so much more than that button-pushing, sweaty, Widmore lackey. Happy to see him keep pulling secrets out of his pockets and hopefully that continues on the island in the finale.

  • Regret
  • Jacob seemed to share some regret about “creating” Smoky (Very God and the Devil, don’t you think?

    Widmore seemed at least a little penitent for playing his prior part in the island’s history (not that it stopped Ben from taking his revenge).

    Sawyer regretted the choice (see above) he made about the bomb that ultimately led to Sayid’s death.

  • Duty
  • One of the most under-referenced themes of the show (or maybe I’m just tone-deaf) is folks doing things “for the island”.

    I think a lot of those impulses come from a sense of duty and, some might put it, purpose.

    Good to see Jack drink from the well of knowledge (Adam eating the apple?) and “be like Jacob” but also fun to see Ben accept his role.

    Off island, I really dig Desmond getting the band back together and Hurley as one of the major driving forces. Weird to think that flash sideways Hurley would accept leadership more than island Hurley. Would’ve bet on the other way around. Good on ya, writers.

Other tiny bits:

Good to see Ana Lucia, but now I’m curious how Sawyer gets roped in. Maybe he goes to the concert with Miles after all.

Also happy to see Mira Furlan (Danielle) and Ben get domestic.

Here’s some other random links:

On Lost & Creativity. A great read.

I think I’ll need this t-shirt once I’ve seen the series finale this weekend.

Or maybe I’ll bid on a prop in this auction.

You should also check out The Muppets visiting the production offices of Lost, especially The Swedish Chef. This is “Mostly Muppet” after all. 😉

Until Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Lost: What They Died For

  1. jeanne "jem" says:

    it’s one morning after The End
    can’t find your post-finale write-up
    so posting here before i pull
    a Truman Show ending
    and change channels

    as kind as Hurley is,
    meteors are attracted to him
    plus add the double whammy of
    being on a magnetic floating island
    and boom! 30 000 years later
    some asteroid (the other half of the island)
    finally slips out of asteroid-belt orbit
    whizzes past Mars
    and slams right on top of the island
    thereby sinking it
    so now Hurley’s dead
    and the Sideways reunion afterlife sequence
    with Oceanic flying over the sunken island
    and Hurley at the church saying,
    “You were a good Number Two…
    Darn that meteor”
    before heading inside the door.

    now, on to Dancing With the Stars…

    thanks, Seth!
    was a great blog over the years

    monday may 24, 2010

  2. Terrell says:

    How long are you going to make me wait for the finale post? I really enjoyed reading your musings over the years. Mostly Muppet and the AV club were my first reads the day after.

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