Happy Belated Towel Day!

I’m woefully late to this year’s Towel Day, but I hope the Friday-afternoon-before-a-holiday-weekend-list-of-links finds you well (and carrying a towel).

  • Towel Day Dot Org
  • The official headquarters.

  • How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet
  • An essay by the late, great Douglas Adams, whose passing inspired Towel Day.

    Kottke had this money quote a few weeks back:

    What should concern us is not that we can’t take what we read on the internet on trust — of course you can’t, it’s just people talking — but that we ever got into the dangerous habit of believing what we read in the newspapers or saw on the TV — a mistake that no one who has met an actual journalist would ever make. One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there. It’s just an awful lot of ‘us’.

  • Wisdom from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy married to English WWII-era propaganda equals a shirt I need to own.

    [Via TCritic]

Enjoy the long weekend.

Stay safe.
Don’t Panic.
Carry A Towel.

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