We’re #1

I’ve been loath to mention the most recent #1 ranking for the University of Georgia, since the last time UGA was ranked #1 things didn’t work out so well:

UGA Football 2008
The last time UGA was ranked #1 in anything, it ended in infamy as well.

I digress.

The current #1 on everyone’s mind is this Princeton Review list of the Top Party Schools.

My response: smirky-shrug
UGA’s response:

“We’d rather focus on the Green Honor Roll listing as a top environmentally conscious campus, or the top 50 ‘Best Values’ listing,” Georgia rep Tom Jackson said in a press release this week. “It has no effect on who is accepted or who enrolls.”

To whit, some other rankings:

#7 – “best value” among public colleges
#8 – Business schools – “Greatest opportunities for women.”

While I was known to indulge/imbibe during my youth, I don’t think my partying was excessive in any way (at least not a regular basis), but in Athens, there are always parties to be found. What do you expect from a large state school with a downtown inches from campus and a thriving music scene? Benedictine Monks, perhaps?

Of course the best response came in the form of Mike Luckovitch’s cartoon from earlier this week, announcing Uga’s name change to “Chuga”. Classic.

There’s also been a lot of chatter, especially on the college football blogs, about a UGA Orientation video that features a version of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” re-imagined as “Party in the UGA”.

Coincidence? (In both timing and subject matter)
Evil plot?
Questionable singing?

You decide:

Since I’ve used up my quota of colons and dashes, I’ll end by saying that I was once an Orientation Leader way back during the Olympic Summer of 1996. Had YouTube been around back then you could all see our homage to “Mission: Impossible” (it was a hit that Summer) along with an oft-repeated and really obvious dick joke I used to make about the University of South Carolina mascot.


So, yeah, UGA is the #1 party school for 2010 and I think we/they earned it. And yes, OLs make fools of themselves for incoming Freshmen.

I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat if I still had the stamina and the liver. 😉

Go Dawgs!

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