A Runner’s Wife

I’m not sure if National Married-to-a-Runner Appreciation Day is a real holiday or not, but it definitely should be.

I haven’t taken the time to blog here recently about my running exploits (or blog anything, for that matter) but I’ve been quite busy, both running and otherwise. For those that follow me on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen the updates about my running.

Suffice it to say that none of that running would happen without the support and love from Jenn. Being a family of five is difficult enough without someone (namely: me) doing weeknight runs in the dark or early morning jaunts on the weekend.

A more fully-formed recap of my efforts and training is forthcoming – especially a discussion of shoes – but until then, I just have to thank Jenn for being there while I was out on a run.

Love you!

One thought on “A Runner’s Wife

  1. Nice short post, and I fear this is a holiday I will soon need to begin participating in as well. I ran my first half a few weeks ago (pre baby #3 for us) and even for that the training left my wife at home… a lot… with the kiddos. I’m hopeful I can continue to do most of my running when everyone else is sleeping but that will be near impossible should I decide to train for a full marathon.

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