Return of the Jedis

As a kid under the age of 10, I probably spent more hours playing Star Wars than I did doing my homework or reading. So I’m likely in the exact demographic/psychographic for this new VW ad featuring a little boy dressed as Darth Vader trying to use The Force.

The commercial is really good considering the main actor is a little kid (I would assume) and is acting only with his hands and a large helmet. The stunned head-whip near the end is priceless and spot on. Definitely crafted by a parent and a Star Wars fan.

It reminded me of a video I took of Owen several months ago. He got to try on a talking Darth Vader helmet in Jenn’s offices at Cartoon Network.

He was completely focused on the whole experience, going so far as to mimic the breathing noise Vader makes before and especially after he had the helmet. Classic stuff.

The reason Owen even knew about Darth Vader at the tender age of 3? It’s never too early to talk to your kids about Star Wars.

I should note that we started with the original, non-special-edition trilogy as well. But since Jenn works for Cartoon Network Owen & Rae have seen The Clone Wars cartoon.

As a matter of fact Owen’s current favorite toy is a clone commander, Cody, whom Owen refers to as a “Storm Shooper”. No word on whether or not Cody knows these lyrics. 😉

Happy Friday!
May The Force Be With You!

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