Six Word Stories Are Pretty Awesome

As a little bit of a lark for a mid-week post, here are six seven (and a half) stories each consisting of six words.

How could you; we were friends?

Warning: monster approaches while you read

I should’ve leapt before I looked. / I should’nt’ve looked before I leapt.

The appearance of cleverness stultifies me.

She left before goodbyes were said.

Gathering storm, gathering clothes, gathering together.

Is it dead? Worse. It’s alive.

None quite as good as the canonical, Hemingway-attributed example:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

If you’re curious to read more stories like these, there’s an entire book of six-word sentences as memoirs out there entitled Not Quite What I Was Planning. The New Yorker reviewed the book a few years back, complete with six-word memoirs (and descriptors, and nametags) for a few of the included authors.

There’s also a single serving six word blog out there where you can submit your own stories. I’ve submitted a few of these today.

Happy reading and here’s to hoping you write some of your own six word stories.

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  1. Beginning, Middle, End…

    How do you write an entire story in only three sentences? If you think that’s a tall order (or maybe even an impossible question to answer) you should re-calibrate your expectations and try writing a story in only six words. Both can be done but …

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