What’s the plural form of Brian Wilson?

Is it Brians Wilson?
Is it Brian Wilsons?
Maybe it depends on the usage and sentence structure?

Either way I got to thinking about the current Giants relief pitcher and his “Fear The Beard” ad for SportsCenter which play up that same phrase from last fall’s World Series team and how his beard compared/contrasted with the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, infamous for going totally batshit crazy and, as Barenaked Ladies reminded us, lying in bed.

Here are the two Brians Wilson (or is it Brian Wilsons) in all their bearded glory (glories?):

Happy Monday!

NOTE: Photos of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys are via Tumblr, specifically Brian the Beach Boy and Beach Boys Beards.

UPDATE: Here’s a virtual version of Brian Wilson’s beard courtesy of MLB (Thanks to @Mike_FTW for the link!)

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