Muppet Video Week

If you’ve been forwarded a strange trailer for the fictional film “Green With Envy” this week, don’t worry; it’s just a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, The Muppets.

Jason Segel is behind the script and stars in the movie alongside Amy Adams. Noticeably absent from the trailer?: Statler & Waldorf providing a final, biting commentary on how terrible the trailer is. (Hint: it isn’t).

Also making their way around the intertubes this week is a two-part interview of Andy Samberg conducted by none other than Sesame Street resident (and serial co-habitator) Bert. The videos were posted to YouTube from the official Sesame Street account but I can’t really see a child enjoying these as comedy, but maybe I didn’t really understand the parody of Kermit the Frog interviewing “Miami Mice” either.

Conversations with Bert: Andy Samberg, Part 1:

Conversations with Bert: Andy Samberg, Part 2:

Whatever the case may be, I think the videos definitely appeal to parents who either currently watch Sesame Street with their kids (or DVR it) or who will potentially do so in the future. I’m in the latter camp and I’m wondering what’s taken me so long.

Either way, enjoy the videos. They may not be the joint Elmo/Ricky Gervais interview from a few years back, but what is?

I think it shows the enduring popularity of the characters Henson created and the ingenuity of the rights holders (CPB & Disney) to use the internet in novel ways.

Enjoy the videos and I hope to see you at the theatre this Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Muppet Video Week

  1. It’s a pretty novel concept isn’t it, to create a fake movie promo like that. It makes me wonder if we’ll see a future of movie trailers being created to vet out whether or not people will watch the movie, perhaps even to help raise the funds to create the movie. One of the main reasons “internet TV” like Boxee and AppleTV are still having trouble breaking through is because the cable companies can use their subscriber base to fund the production of shows. What if one day people are creating promos to get a ton of people to “pre-buy” it in order to get it funded.

    Or maybe this is a one time thing that will never lead to anything else interesting. Thoughts?

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