Separated at Birth: Android & Bot

Since the new baby (#4!) was born we’ve been watching more kids TV in our house. It’s an unfortunate side effect of the older kids waking up earlier due to the change in schedules and the family makeup, but in the early morning hours (any time before 8 AM) the programming isn’t so bad.

We’re on a steady diet of Play with me, Sesame and The Wiggles from Sprout though we occasionally watch other shows.

This morning that show was Team Umizoomi. It seems like a similar concept to Wonderpets or Special Agent Oso. Teams helping kids.

Wait. Did I just out myself as a regular viewer of toddler and preschool TV?


Anyhow, one of the members of the aforementioned Team Umizoomi is a robot named Bot. Clever.

Bot bears an uncanny resemblance to the Google Android, whose name, I believe is Android.

Judge for yourself.


Android Robot:

If they’re not brothers they’re certainly second cousins or perhaps long lost ancestors. Judging from the airdates (2010), it looks like Google might have inspired Nick (Android logo dates to 2007), but I’ll let the lawyers sort that one out.

Turns out I’m also not the first person to link these two mechanical men.


Happy Tuesday!

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