A Very Muppet Oscars

It’s always amazing to see first-hand just how fast the internet moves.

What started yesterday with Brett Ratner out as Oscars producer and continued this morning with Eddie Murphy out as Oscars host has culminated in the rapid ascension of a pop culture idea like no other: a campaign to have The Muppets host the 2012 Oscars.

Don’t believe me? Just check out Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see just how serious things have gotten.

Articles have been written.
Lists have been listed.
Wiki articles have been proferred.
The story has been storyfulled.

And now an anxious nation waits.

But while we’re waiting, I’d like to take this opportunity to think positively and assume they’ll get the gig. Here, then, are my three suggestions for how The Muppets should light the lights and get things started at the 2012 Academy Awards:

  1. Go BIG (musically)
  2. If viewers and fans fall all over themselves when Neil Patrick Harris hosts an awards show, just imagine how nuts things would get with a Muppet musical number to open the show.

    The Oscars are the ultimate variety show spectacle and The Muppets have that genre nailed. Start the music.

  3. Sweetums as enforcer
  4. Winner’s speech running long?
    Presenter’s jokes falling flat?
    Have Sweetums come on stage and physically threaten a celebrity or two. Problem solved.

  5. Statler & Waldorf
  6. They bring the heckling sensibilities of Ricky Gervais without all the previous awards show baggage. What actor could seriously have a problem being razzed by a Muppet?

    Give them the balcony seats already!

In the very unlikely event this is more than a pipe dream, The Academy should seriously hire Jason Segel to write/produce, have Steve Martin as a special guest star and watch as every Gen X TV set in America tunes in.

You’re welcome!

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